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Chicago pest control services, we provide experienced pest control services for both residential and commercial properties, with a focus on eradicating dangerous pests.
We can assist you with everything from keeping your house safe to securing your business.

Pest Control and pest management

Chicago pest control companies, we provide experienced pest control services for both residential and commercial properties, focusing on the elimination of dangerous pests.
Pest control and pest management are two terms that are used interchangeably. We can assist you with everything from keeping your home safe to securing your business in Chicago, IL.

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Bed Bug Treatments

Chicago Bed Bug- Bed Bug Treatments

Bed Bugs in Chicago are a problem. Our pest control solutions provide skilled residential and commercial Bed Bug Treatments services to target destructive pests and pest management in both the residential and business sectors.
chicago bed bug, we can assist you with everything from keeping your home safe to securing your business in Chicago, IL.

Rodent Control- IL

Our pest control company provide experienced residential and commercial services. Contact us today. Services for rodent management and pest control, including rodent inspection and pest control, to target damaging pests, are available.
We can assist you with everything from keeping your home safe to securing your business in Chicago, IL.

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Rodent Control

Ant Extermination

Termite Control

Termite Control- IL

We provide experienced termite treatment services to target damaging pests in both the residential and commercial sectors. We also provide inspection and pest control services.
We can assist you with everything from keeping your home safe to securing your business in Chicago, IL.

Other Exterminations- IL

When compared to other extermination services, we provide experienced residential and commercial services that target damaging pests and include inspection, pest control, and pest management by our exterminators.
We can assist you with everything from keeping your home safe to securing your business in Chicago, IL.

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Pest Control Chicagoland

Pest control service in Chicago are available. Our pest control businesses in Chicago offer a variety of services. Pest control is the pest control commercial management or regulation of a pest species, which is a member of the animal kingdom that has a detrimental impact on human activities. Pest control is also known as pest management or pest regulation. It is likely that the human response will vary according on the magnitude of the harm, and will range from tolerance to deterrence and management to measures to completely eliminate the pest. When used in conjunction with an integrated pest management approach, many pest control approaches may be employed.

In the commercial pest control industry, bed bug control and Physical pest management, which includes trapping and killing pests such as insects and rodents and ants bed bugs, is provided by Anderson Pest Solutions, who also provides top pest control to control commercial pest. In the past, ratcatchers were either locals or paid professionals who employed dogs and traps to catch and kill rodents. On a lesser scale, sticky flypapers are used to trap flies and ants in the home, as well as bed bugs in the bedroom. It may be necessary to utilize pheromones, synthetic volatile compounds, or UV light to attract insects in larger buildings; some traps require a sticky foundation and upkeep, while others contain an electrically charged grid to kill the insects. It is possible to monitor cockroaches, and glueboards can be used to catch rodents. Rodents can be caught in cage traps and killed with spring traps that have been baited suitably. It is possible to use acoustic devices to detect beetles in structural timbers. Talcum powder, sometimes known as “tracking powder,” can be used to create rodent trails inside buildings. Our pest management services are the best in the city of Chicago for pest control.

Control methods

Biological pest control

Biological pest control in chicago’s is the use of other organisms to control and resolve pests such as insects and mites. Predation, parasitism, herbivory, parasitody, and other natural mechanisms are used, although it usually includes active human management. Traditional biological control entails the release of pest natural enemies that have been developed in the lab and released into the environment. Another option is to supplement the natural enemies that already exist in a certain area by releasing more, either in tiny, recurrent batches or all at once. The released organism should, in theory, reproduce and live, providing long-term control. Biological control can be a crucial part of an integrated pest management and maintenance strategy.


To manage pests, pesticides are administered to crops using agricultural planes, tractor-mounted crop sprayers, aerial spray by contemporary planes, or seed dressings. However, pesticide control is not easy; the proper formulation must be chosen, timing is typically vital, application method is critical, and adequate coverage and crop retention are required. Natural enemies of the target pest should be killed as little as possible. This is especially significant in nations where natural reservoirs of pests and their opponents exist in the countryside around plantation crops, coexisting in a delicate equilibrium. Crops in less-developed countries are frequently well-adapted to the local environment, requiring no pesticides. Progressive farmers use fertilisers to grow improved crop varieties, which are frequently more prone to pest damage, but pesticides used indiscriminately may be harmful in the long run.

Trap cropping

A trap crop is a plant that attracts pests and diverts them away from other crops. Pesticides or other ways can be used to control pests that have gathered on the trap crop. However, without the use of pesticides, trap-cropping has often failed to lower pest densities on large commercial scales, probably due to the pests’ capacity to disseminate back into the main field.

Cultural control

Mechanical pest management is the use of simple equipment and gadgets, as well as hands-on techniques, to create a barrier between plants and insects. Tillage is one of the oldest weed control and pest control strategies; wireworms, the larvae of the common click beetle, are highly destructive pests of newly ploughed grassland, and repeated cultivation exposes them to the birds and other predators that feed on them.

Physical pest control

Trapping or killing pests like insects and rodents is part of physical pest control and maintenance. Locals or paid rat-catchers used dogs and traps to catch and kill rodents in the past. On a smaller scale, sticky flypapers are used to catch flies in the home. In larger buildings, pheromones, infestations, synthetic volatile compounds, or ultraviolet light may be used to attract insects; some traps include a sticky foundation or an electrically charged grid to kill them. Cockroaches are sometimes monitored and rodents are caught using glueboards. Rodents can be trapped in cage traps and killed with appropriately baited spring traps. Acoustic instruments can be used to detect beetles in structural timbers, and talcum powder or “tracking powder” can be used to establish rodent trails inside structures.

Residential Services

Say good-bye to your domestic pests once and for all. Deanya Dawson Pest Control has been eradicating pests and keeping households safe for more than 20 years. ​
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Commercial Services

Choosing Deanya Pests means partnering with a company that is committed to producing long-term solutions to fit the demands of your business, no matter how large or little.
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Robert Noland
Robert Noland
18:42 08 Jun 22
My technician was extremely informed, skilled, and pleasant. I arranged cockroach extermination. The appointment was... scheduled for 9 a.m., he arrived early, and he was finished within an hour. The treatment was quite effective since all of the roaches fled in panic. The fee was also quite reasonable. I would recommend Deanya!read more
Jordan Crawford
Jordan Crawford
14:27 06 Jun 22
When we moved in, there was a severe bed bug infestation, which our specialist was able to quickly eliminate. In... addition, he described the most humane and pet-safe method for keeping mice away without putting my pets in danger. Extremely knowledgeable and courteous more
Greg Burnham
Greg Burnham
23:53 02 Jun 22
I contacted Deanya Dawson Pest Control to eliminate two wasp nests. My technician was knowledgeable, professional, and... went above and beyond to ensure I understood every step of the process from start to finish. I appreciate his assistance. We will absolutely be using their service more
Aimee White
Aimee White
09:09 02 Jun 22
We previously utilized Terminix and had major spider and tree roach infestations. I simply assumed that during the... warmer months it was a regular thing in Chicago. Since switching to Deanya Dawson pest, I have gone through two warm seasons with limited pest discoveries, and when we do, the bugs are either dead or dying. They are priced reasonably compared to other local pest control service companies. The same person always maintains our residence, and he takes every request carefully and treats it accordingly. He is really attentive and professional. I highly recommend Deanya Dawson Pest Control!read more
Myra Poole
Myra Poole
15:22 28 Mar 22
Bianca Gibson
Bianca Gibson
13:51 27 Mar 22
Evie Aguinaga
Evie Aguinaga
14:10 26 Mar 22
This is the best Chicago pest control service in the area. . I've been using Deanya Dawson Pest Control for a few years... now. I had a bad case of bed bugs and was really discouraged since I thought I'd never be able to get rid of them. My exterminator never gave up and promised me that he would eliminate them. Give them a call and you'll have your problem handled!!read more
Lottie Matthews
Lottie Matthews
16:05 23 Mar 22
I needed an inspection right away, so I contacted Deanya Dawson, and they took care of me the same day. The price was... quite reasonable, and the technician was more than honest and thorough in his work. It also helps that he went through everything with me and answered all of my questions. I will surely call him and suggest him to others who are in need of his more
George Denzil
George Denzil
21:15 01 Dec 21
Megan Anderson
Megan Anderson
07:03 18 Nov 20
Took care of bees and hornets for us.
Isador Edmonson
Isador Edmonson
08:04 12 Oct 20
Thanks guys, good job
Ferdinand Farnworth
Ferdinand Farnworth
09:19 10 Oct 20
Deanya pest control is great. They do my quarterly service on a regular basis. But this time I had mice, like everyone... at this time of year. I called them and asked them to come out off of their normal schedule and the got someone out here within 48 hours. The rodents are gone and the technician was great, he explained what I should and shouldn’t be doing to treat mice in more
Heather Ellis
Heather Ellis
07:00 08 Oct 20
Reece was our extermination expert yesterday and was very pleased with his work. He explained everything in detail did... amazing job inside and outside my house. I highly recommend them. Thanks!read more
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