The use of insecticides with low ecological footprints is critical in the development of sustainable agricultural systems. Because natural products are universally safer, and hence more environmentally friendly, than synthetic chemicals, policy regulating organic insecticide selection frequently favors genuine goods and organic-certified pesticides to increase sustainability. Allow our pest experts at Deanya Dawson to assist you in determining Are Organic Pest Control Sprays Effective. For a free organic pest control service quote, call (773) 692-3615!

Another intriguing question, and one that we frequently receive at Deanya Dawson Pest Control, is:

So, the truth is that there is NO SUCH THING as natural pest control!Are Organic Pest Control Sprays Effective?

Don’t Buy Into The Hype!

We recognize that individuals, like us, care about the environment and the well-being of their families; nonetheless, many people still assume that pest treatment requires them to vacate their property or house for several days owing to the odor and emissions.


Some products, such as Pyrethrin, which contains natural extracts of plant material, may be effective at decreasing pests. However, once Pyrethrin dries, it becomes fully worthless, thus by the time we finish the application, the product is completely dry and ineffectual.


Deltamethrin is the most secure product we use. We’ve previously discussed it on our website. It is an extremely safe pest control solution. We use it in childcare facilities, schools, and restaurants because it is one of the safest items on the market. Deltamethrin has such a low toxicity level that you would have to bathe in it to have any negative effects.

Pest Control Has Evolved

Pest control used to entail companies going in and applying organophosphate poisons. Organophosphates are noxious compounds that can cause poisoning. Those days have long passed. Back then, you’d have a treatment and not see any pests for at least a year. You would also be unable to gain direct access to the property for several days because of the foul odor and hazardous vapors.


Nowadays, it’s more about “pest management,” or safely managing pests rather than full-fledged lethal fumigation. It all comes down to managing pest control issues with the safest treatments available, applied in the safest manner feasible.


People don’t realize that when we perform a pest control treatment within the house, there are no airborne residues. We apply the substance straight to the specified surface, and it dries in minutes. Our insecticides and application methods are safer than most wall-mounted air fresheners and hardware store pest control products.

Buyer Beware: Don’t Be Duped.

Unfortunately, many individuals are duped by this “natural, organic pest control” sales ploy and unethical marketing strategy.


Customers frequently call us and remark, “Oh, we’ve had another firm that claims to utilize non-toxic pest management.” This is simply not true. There is no pest control product in the world that is not hazardous in some way unless they are sprayed with tap water.


Pest management, on the other hand, is safer when professional pest control firms use expert application tools and chemicals. Deanya Dawson has been providing pest control services in Chicagoland for quite some time. We’ve completed thousands of pest inspections and have over 7,000 satisfied customers. To find out Are Organic Insecticides Safer for Homes With Children and Pets, call our organic insecticide pest control firm at (773) 692-3615.

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