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Ants in Chicago and throughout the United States are social pest insects belonging to the Formidable family. Ants typically live in enormous colonies, excavating underground tunnels for escape routes and safe-havens. According to studies, there are between 12,000 and 14,000 species of ants, with the latter number being the more accurate estimate. Ants are easily identifiable due to their distinctive antennae and body form. The ant’s body is thin so that it can easily enter small underground burrows.

Ant Infestations — Service Options for Ant Control?

Ant pest infestations are difficult to eliminate. In fact, huge ant colonies necessitate more comprehensive eradication procedures than other insect infestations. The greatest issue with ant infestations in their complex underground nests, which are networked. Each network contains one or more ant nests, making it more difficult to eliminate them. A licensed and seasoned pest exterminator will have no trouble locating each network in the ant’s underground shelter. These difficult-to-locate networks can be located by careful examination. To eradicate ant infestations, a combination of treatments works better than a single treatment alone. Visit our site to learn more about our ant pest control options. Don’t know when to call? Well now is the time! Call Deanya Dawson Pest Control Service’s skilled ant exterminators at (773)692-3615 if you’re witnessing indicators of an ant infestation call our Chicago pest control solutions company. 

Are South Chicago Ants Dangerous?

Ants pose no threat to humans, animals, or plants in general; but, they can wreak havoc on your property. They will do whatever to gain access to food sources. If it necessitates chomping through cardboard boxes and plastic bags, then it necessitates such behavior. Fortunately, social ants do not transmit diseases to people or other animals.

Pest Control Companies | Is South Chicago Ant Control Harmful?

The pest extermination specialists at Deanya employ specialized ways to protect their clients and property from all potential damage hazards. The United States Environmental Protection Agency and other pest control companies like Orkin and Terminix have authorized these practices and goods (EPA). The EPA regulates the production and marketing of insecticides and pesticides, among other extermination goods. When given properly, EPA-approved ant control solutions are safe for the environment, humans, animals, and plants.

Ant Infestation – Do-It-Yourself Options

Yes, ant infestations can be eradicated with the correct products and pest methods. However, they are only effective against minor ant infestations. Moderate and severe ant infestations are constituted of larger ant colonies, making their eradication with do-it-yourself insecticides more difficult. When using over-the-counter ant pesticides and traps, it is vital to strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s application instructions.

Ant Infestation Prevention | Chicago, IL

It is not that simple to prevent ant infestations in Chicago, il buildings. However, with dedication, patience, time, and the appropriate preventative measures, it is possible to seal your home against the most persistent ants. The greatest place to begin is by securing your home’s entry points. These may range from minute cracks to huge plumbing line openings. Utilize caulk and other sealants to seal all openings to prevent ant entry in the future. It is also feasible to set ant traps outside your home.

If you have other pest control concerns, you should investigate alternative providers.

What Are The Different Ant Types? | Pest Control Chicago

There are more than 700 kinds of ants. There are three main types of ants that live in homes in Chicago: pavement ants, sugar ants, and carpenter ants. Pavement ants are nothing but a bother. Sugar ants will keep going back to the same places where they have found food in the past. Sugar ants bite, too. The most trouble can be caused by carpenter ants.

Odorous House Ants 

These are tiny ants that can easily find their way into your home and stay there for a long time. Because they’re so tiny, they’re capable of squeezing into any gap in your walls. When crushed, obnoxious house ants emit an unpleasant aroma reminiscent of rotting coconut.

Carpenter Ants

They don’t eat wood, they burrow through it to build their nest, which is made up of a series of tunnels and galleries. Although carpenter ants aren’t as destructive as termites, they can still cause a lot of damage.

Pavement Ants

These little black ants make their nests in the cracks of sidewalks, as you may have noticed. They will also infiltrate any construction placed below ground.

Pharaoh Ants

The Pharaoh ant is a tiny, yellow ant that is commonly found in homes. When it comes to sweets, these ants have no qualms about nesting in your home or building.

The Argentine Ants

Ants of this species do not form swarms, as the name suggests. As an alternative, Argentine ants form colonies with a queen at the head of each one. Because there are so many queen ants laying eggs, this method makes them tough to eradicate.

Acrobat Ants 

When it comes to the location of acrobat ant nests, they are most commonly found in damp locations. That means that if you have sections of your home with a lot of moisture, this sort of ant is likely to set up shop in those regions.

Thief Ants

These small ants are known for their shady behavior, which earned them the name. They infiltrate the nests of larger ants and grab the larvae within. Thief ants will happily switch from eating stolen larva to stealing your food if they manage to sneak into your house.

Ant Life Cycles

Ants undergo metamorphosis through four distinct life stages: egg, larval, pupae, and adult. The full procedure can take up to 60 days to complete.

From reproduction through community function, we examine the ant’s life cycle. Knowing the details of an ant’s life cycle may help you combat an ant infestation more efficiently if you ever meet one.

Egg stage

The white, iridescent egg is where an ant’s life begins. Fertilized eggs beget females and unfertilized eggs males. Did you know that a queen leafcutter ant may produce up to 150 million workers in her lifetime and that an army ant can lay up to 300,000 eggs every day? Respect!

Larvae stage

At this point in the development of an ant, the egg changes into larvae. During this phase, which lasts between seven and fourteen days, a single larva grows so rapidly that it molts (sheds its skin) multiple times due to its ongoing need for nutrients.

Pupae stage

During the third and final (six to ten weeks) phase of development, the pupae of some species build protective cocoons, while others remain uncovered.

Adult stage

Once the adult emerges from its pupa, it is fully formed and prepared for action. Because the queen can produce thousands of worker ants, the most effective method for eliminating a colony is to kill the queen where she resides and reproduces.

How To Get Rid Of Ants : The 3 Step Ant Extermination Process

Ants are among the most prevalent and unpleasant pest insects. Each colony might consist of hundreds of thousands to millions of ants, depending on the size of the species. If your home is infested, you must contact Deanya Dawson Pest Control for extermination solutions. Here are a few things you can take to decrease your ant infestation problems:

  • The classification of species. Once the pest professional has identified the ant species, they will be able to determine the most effective method of treatment.
  • Assessment of the infestation. The exterminator will locate the nests and consider considerations such as pets and children to choose the most secure method of elimination.
  • Treatment. After evaluating all factors, the proper treatment will be administered.

Lifespan | How Long Can An Ant Live?

An ant’s life expectancy ranges from a few weeks to 15 years on average. Species, role, and availability of food sources all play a role in this. Black garden ants can survive for nearly two decades, but fire ant workers are predicted to live for just a few days.

The queen will always reign supreme! Royalty outlives all other members of a colony in practically every species. The longest reigning queens are said to have ruled for 28 years or more.

A single ant in your home or workplace is sometimes a sign of a whole pest colony nearby. If you wait too long to take action, you run the risk of an ant infestation. The best ant exterminator services at Deanya Dawson Pest Control Solutions are just a phone call away, and we’ll provide fast, efficient ant control and repair solutions that meet your schedule and budget. Get A Free Quote Today! Thanks for the great feedback in advance!

Pest Control Services And Ants

You can count on Deanya Dawson Pest Control Service to keep 36 common pests out of your home and property, including the most common ant species in the Midwest. Ant control treatment for bugs does not necessitate any additional preparations, such as covering a large area or scheduling an appointment at a specific time of day or night.

The most prevalent pest problem mentioned is that of ant infestation. These minuscule scavengers will infiltrate your home or place of business in search of food and water. Attractants including moistness, sweets, and hospitable nesting places are all common. See our collection of images and information about these little yet challenging creatures.

While ant control can be tough, there are some things you should know about how ants’ behavior can cause you and your home a lot of problems:

  • Entry Points: Small holes and crevices allow ants easy access to the pantry or storeroom, where they are attracted to water and sugary or oily foods.
  • Scent Tracks: When ants find a food source, they leave behind an invisible chemical trail that contains pheromones for other ants to follow.
  • Nesting Areas: As far as pest nesting areas go, they can be located on your lawn, a wall, or even a stump or foundation.
  • Size Of Colonies: When threatened, entire colonies can be uprooted and relocated in a matter of days, depending on the size of the colony.
  • Lifespan of Colony: The lifespan of a colony is relatively long. Seven years is the average lifespan of a worker ant, whereas the queen can live up to 15 years.
  • DIY Uselessness: Most do-it-yourself ant control methods are useless because they only kill the ants you see. Treatments that really work can get into nests and destroy them, which is a great way to keep these pests from coming back. There are many distinct types of ant infestations, and home remedies do not take that into consideration.

If you notice one ant in your house or place of work, there are often dozens more pest hiding nearby. Don’t put off taking action too long or you’ll risk an ant infestation. Contact Deanya Dawson Pest Control Solution’s best-skilled ant exterminator services now, and we’ll provide a fast service, effective ant control service, and repair that fits your schedule and budget for services.

Bed Bugs VS Ants

Despite the fact that bedbugs and ants appear to be the same, there are ways to tell them differently.

Varied species of ants will have different colors, making them appear to be bed bugs in comparison to each other. Bed bugs are reddish-brown in hue, which might make them resemble red ants that are likewise dark red or brown in appearance. Bed bugs, on the other hand, are never black like ants.

As with ants, bedbugs appear as a single wide flat body with a small head, although ants have a narrow head, thorax, and abdomen.

Fire ants, for example, can sting and trigger an allergic reaction. Ants, in contrast to popular belief, do not bite; rather, they sting like bees do. Other species, like fire ants, can inject venom through a stinger in their abdomen to deliver a painful or blistering sting. Ants tend to attack in groups if you’re near their nest, and the sensation is typically immediately obvious.

As their victims sleep, bed bugs tend to disperse and attack one at a time, so you may not discover bed bug bites until the next morning.

Bed bug bites and ant stings can both appear as small red welts, but if you’ve been stung by deadly ants, you’ll likely see many more of them. While bed bug bites are most commonly found on the arms, legs, hands, face, and neck, you may also notice bites around the ankles, feet, or lower legs if you’ve stepped into or near their nest. 


Call a local home bed bug control or Deanya Dawson Pest at (773)692-3615 for more information about bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, spiders, termite control, and other commercial & residential pest control and Chicago exterminator prevention tips.

How Deanya Dawson Pest Services Can Help

We’re more than just exterminators. Integrated Pest Management (DEANYA DAWSON PEST) is the technique we use to combat pests. DEANYA DAWSON PEST aims to use the least amount of chemical product possible to achieve long-term ant control. You deserve more than a one-size-fits-all approach from an exterminator. So that we can tailor a pest control solution to meet your specific requirements, please contact us today.
We can help you safeguard your family and your business from the financial and public relations damage that can result from an ant infestation. At Deanya Dawson Pest Services, we offer various pest control services such as ants bed bugs, roaches, and more control services to both residential and commercial customers in South Chicago. Contact a top pest control company or us as soon as possible if you’d like to learn more about residential &  commercial pest control company service schedules, the cost of pest control solutions,  and our personal pest control plan for your ant issue.

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Pest control and prevention begin and end with good sanitation. Ants, like all other organisms, require water, food, and shelter in order to sustain themselves. Foraging for food and water, ants leave their colony. Make things difficult for them. Keep food sealed, floors swept, and all surfaces sanitized at all times The ants will only be able to get their hands on the sweet ant bait if you maintain your surroundings spotless. Once the ant infestation has been removed, don’t remove the ant trails. This will allow the ants to find your bait and bring it back to the colony. Remove ants from the route and maintain a clean surface.

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Robert Noland
18:42 08 Jun 22
My technician was extremely informed, skilled, and pleasant. I arranged cockroach extermination. The appointment was... scheduled for 9 a.m., he arrived early, and he was finished within an hour. The treatment was quite effective since all of the roaches fled in panic. The fee was also quite reasonable. I would recommend Deanya!read more
Jordan Crawford
Jordan Crawford
14:27 06 Jun 22
When we moved in, there was a severe bed bug infestation, which our specialist was able to quickly eliminate. In... addition, he described the most humane and pet-safe method for keeping mice away without putting my pets in danger. Extremely knowledgeable and courteous more
Greg Burnham
Greg Burnham
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I contacted Deanya Dawson Pest Control to eliminate two wasp nests. My technician was knowledgeable, professional, and... went above and beyond to ensure I understood every step of the process from start to finish. I appreciate his assistance. We will absolutely be using their service more
Aimee White
Aimee White
09:09 02 Jun 22
We previously utilized Terminix and had major spider and tree roach infestations. I simply assumed that during the... warmer months it was a regular thing in Chicago. Since switching to Deanya Dawson pest, I have gone through two warm seasons with limited pest discoveries, and when we do, the bugs are either dead or dying. They are priced reasonably compared to other local pest control service companies. The same person always maintains our residence, and he takes every request carefully and treats it accordingly. He is really attentive and professional. I highly recommend Deanya Dawson Pest Control!read more
Myra Poole
Myra Poole
15:22 28 Mar 22
Bianca Gibson
Bianca Gibson
13:51 27 Mar 22
Evie Aguinaga
Evie Aguinaga
14:10 26 Mar 22
This is the best Chicago pest control service in the area. . I've been using Deanya Dawson Pest Control for a few years... now. I had a bad case of bed bugs and was really discouraged since I thought I'd never be able to get rid of them. My exterminator never gave up and promised me that he would eliminate them. Give them a call and you'll have your problem handled!!read more
Lottie Matthews
Lottie Matthews
16:05 23 Mar 22
I needed an inspection right away, so I contacted Deanya Dawson, and they took care of me the same day. The price was... quite reasonable, and the technician was more than honest and thorough in his work. It also helps that he went through everything with me and answered all of my questions. I will surely call him and suggest him to others who are in need of his more
George Denzil
George Denzil
21:15 01 Dec 21
Megan Anderson
Megan Anderson
07:03 18 Nov 20
Took care of bees and hornets for us.
Isador Edmonson
Isador Edmonson
08:04 12 Oct 20
Thanks guys, good job
Ferdinand Farnworth
Ferdinand Farnworth
09:19 10 Oct 20
Deanya pest control is great. They do my quarterly service on a regular basis. But this time I had mice, like everyone... at this time of year. I called them and asked them to come out off of their normal schedule and the got someone out here within 48 hours. The rodents are gone and the technician was great, he explained what I should and shouldn’t be doing to treat mice in more
Heather Ellis
Heather Ellis
07:00 08 Oct 20
Reece was our extermination expert yesterday and was very pleased with his work. He explained everything in detail did... amazing job inside and outside my house. I highly recommend them. Thanks!read more
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